I'll Be Fine
"I'll Be Fine" is a short documentary about a family, their home, and the trials of living with a nineteen-year-old son who has autism. In the past, Tim's behavior was deeply upsetting. Rarely did a day pass without confrontation. His parents, Richard and Rebecca, learned to expect the worst. When the school bus arrived home, they waited for him with tense shoulders and baited breath. Tim is doing better now. Years of experience with autism, much therapy, and a healthy dose of medications have helped him to bring his behavior under control. He happily goes from playing console games to watching cartoon shows and usually does not lose his temper. His progress, however, is still tenuous to his parents. They remember all too well his earlier behavior and fear that he could regress. For now, there is a delicate peace in their home. After years of dedicating themselves fully to their only child, Richard and Rebecca have begun to recover a little time for themselves. Tim is finishing his best school year yet. But his autism constantly threatens to undermine it all. Love alone holds their family together as they face everyday exhaustion and an unknown future.